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The Women of Harry Potter



harry potter + the emotions


He took her hand and turned it over so he could see her watch. “It’s one minute to three,” he said. “Let’s say your relationship with Harry becomes official at 3pm sharp, shall we?”

"Which gives us a minute to what, exactly?" she asked, but he shook his head at her and said,

"Hermione. You’re wasting time."

Then, still leaning against the tree, he pulled her towards him by the hand holding her wrist-surprised, she stumbled forward, and fell against him. And he kissed her.

Later, Hermione would think that he had obviously put everything he had, every ounce of feeling for her, every last vestige of passion and every shred of frustrated love, into that kiss. As if he were trying to burn whatever it was he felt out of him, exorcise it, wring it dry. At the time though, she was only aware that her knees were buckling and there was a roaring sound in her ears as if someone were holding seashells over them. She shut her eyes and saw lightning dance across her inner lids.

She wondered if she might be the only girl ever to kiss two Magids in one day. Then she wondered if it might possibly be fatal.

He let go of her, and the world swam back into focus.

"Three o’clock, Granger," he said, and dropped her hand.

"Wow," she said weakly, and looked up at him. He was looking at her again with that funny little smile, half amusement, half regret. She knew he had just shown her how he really felt. And knew he would never, ever do it again.

Draco Dormiens by CassandraClaire





do you ever talk to someone and feel really happy no matter how shit the conversation is



when you see someone you hate hanging out with your friend


Jena and Sam talking about their workout for Catching Fire.



Me trying to save my academic career